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Magnetics Support
2017/6/6 21:48:44

From: Caleb Schultz
Sent: Tuesday, June 06, 2017 8:16 AM
To: 'paul vanevery' <>
Subject: RE: Magnetics Support




Yes, sorry for the late response.


The news about the air gap is good to hear! We have been very impressed with the way the magnets are working, and the rollers are working very well.


That brings me to my next question for you. We have four magnets with the holes used to mount the rollers, and four without. Is it possible for us to reference the prints and machine the holes into the four magnets that are currently without them, or will we damage the internals of the magnet if we do this?


We would be glad to have you come and visit, but we would like to keep this as confidential as possible, in order to remain a step ahead in regards to our competitors. Because of this I can’t include any pictures of the application of these magnets.






Caleb Schultz, Process Engineer